Green Produce Development Company Limited

Smallholder Competitiveness

Ubuntu: our interconnectedness with smallholders is good for all.

Our smallholder farmers mean more to us than just producers or collectors. Indeed, they are our partners; we are connected and the development of one depends on the other. In view of this, we build relationships with our smallholder farmers to ensure that we grow together.

The competitiveness and improved productivity of smallholders is good for our growth and sustainability. We are thus committed to improving the competitiveness and productivity of our smallholder farmers through the following:

  • Training
  • Supply of inputst
  • Provision of logistics
  • Organization of Health and Wellbeing programmes

In the process, we do not only contribute to the competitiveness and productivity of our farmers and collectors, but also, we improve the livelihood and lives of our farmers and collectors.

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