Green Produce Development Company Limited



To produce and supply high quality value added agricultural products for the domestic and international markets, using inclusive and clean development practices.


To be: an exciting and a rewarding working place for our staff, a development partner to the communities in which we operate, a responsive partner to the needs of our clients, dedicated to conserving the environment and an active partner in national and international development, while providing returns to our investors.

Our Growth and Sustainability

Green Growth

We adopt innovative and best management standards to protect our investments and to achieve sustainable growth in the short and long term.

Social Development

We work with people and for people. Indeed, people are our greatest assets and we are committed to supporting and improving the livelihoods and lives of people we work with and people in communities where we operate via inclusive strategies.

Environmental Sustainability

Our success and sustainability is dependent on the environment, therefore, we take steps to conserve and protect the environment. Our business and production processes engage clean development practices. Additionally, we initiate and disseminate clean development knowhow and technologies.

Our core values


We provide dedicated Service to our clients and partners.


We continually invest in Research and Innovation, taking note of market trends, social and environmental developments to improve our business.


We seek Excellence in everything we do.

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