Green Produce Development Company Limited

Clean Energy Products

Green Produce is conducting feasibility studies to produce and supply affordable and sustainable energy fuel. This will involve the recycling of biomass residues, which are abundant at waste disposal sites and farms, into briquettes for use as fuel.

The concept of Clean Energy is part of the company’s policy to contribute to environmental conservation, low GHG emissions and promote development, while solving pressing energy challenges. The clean energy products are smokeless and release less greenhouse gases. The policy helps to save the forest by reducing the cutting down of trees for charcoal and fuel wood. It helps to control and to reduce public waste by collecting public waste for recycling. These help to mitigate climate change by reducing GHG emissions and also preserving more trees to absorb CO2. The policy also reduces domestic and indoor air pollution that causes health problems.

Our Clean Energy Development products would include:

  • Briquette

  • Clean stoves

  • Customized briquettes for industrial users

The briquettes burn for long hours, thereby, providing a cheaper, safer, cleaner alternative energy for cooking, heating and lighting. The products are ideal foruse at homes, schools, restaurants, bakeries, brick and textile industries.

Join the campaign to conserve the forest and to reduce global warming. Call us on +233 (0)20 5363913 or for your orders or enquiries.

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