Green Produce Development Company Limited

Bienvenue! Willkommen! Welcome to Green Produce Development Company Limited.

Green Produce Development Company Limited is an integrated agricultural development company that specialises in farming, agro-processing, trading and export of agro products.

The growing demand for food and agricultural supplies, the effects of climate change, the need to respond to hunger and poverty, and the rapid decline in natural resources requires a new approach to agricultural development that is innovative, inclusive and sustainable. This new approach is Green Produce Development.

We seek to contribute significantly to economic development, social development and environmental sustainability, while providing returns to our investors.

Navigate through our site to find how we can partner to meet your needs, while together we contribute to sustainable human development.

Our core areas of operation:

Agriculture and Agro-processing

We produce, add value and distribute high quality agricultural produce.

Clean Energy Development

We add value to waste to solve energy needs. We recycle waste from farm fields into clean smokeless fuel for cooking and heating in homes, schools, restaurants, bakeries, brick and textile industries.

Knowledge and Capacity Building

We disseminate knowledge and empower smallholder farmers on sustainable and competitive business practices and ecological practices to improve their productivity and sustainability of the businesses.

Inclusive and Sustainable Development Initiatives

We undertake inclusive projects that seek to create opportunities for developing local businesses, creating jobs and improving the wellbeing of farmers and people working in the agricultural value chain. We also initiate projects that promote sustainable agribusiness and ecological development.

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